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Seniors and Vaccines: an Infographic

Seniors and Vaccines: an Infographic

The debate about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines rages on. Opinions vary wildly about their usefulness for children and the nation as a whole. Recent outbreaks of measles have brought the issue front and center in the media, but not many people are talking about the effect on the elderly population. So what do vaccines do for seniors? Are they beneficial for those with an aging and weakening immune system, or do they open people up to more illness than they protect against? Here's a few facts to consider when debating whether you or someone you care for should be vaccinated... (read more)

Why are 6000 US children living in nursing homes?

Why are 6000 US children living in nursing homes?

It's hard to imagine children growing up in nursing homes, never mind dying there. But right now there are over 6000 kids living in medical facilities for the elderly, according to federal data. These are sick children, in need of high levels of medical care to survive each day; nursing homes are not the best place for them, but they are better than every other option their parents have. Nursing homes for the elderly are specifically designed to handle complex and time consuming medical needs, but they are not intended to... (read more)