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4 Compelling Reasons Seniors Should Consider the Measles Vaccine

4 Compelling Reasons Seniors Should Consider the Measles Vaccine

According to the CDC, 95-98% of those born in the US before 1957 are immune to the measles. This is due to the number of outbreaks they have lived through, meaning the disease was likely contracted and antibodies formed, giving lifelong protection. However, anyone with any doubt about having contracted the disease should consider these 4 reasons to have a serious discussion with a doctor about a booster shot.

You were vaccinated as a child... (read more)

10 Tats That Still Have Shock Value

10 Tats That Still Have Shock Value

Tattoos used to be edgy and rebellious. Now they are so commonplace as to be trite. Sported by half of reality TV “stars,” house moms, and over fifteen percent of American adults, there’s nothing badass or shocking about ink anymore. Yet there are a set of Americans whose tats still speak of edge and rebellion: the senior citizen crowd; folks whose upbringing made body art taboo. Now they are showing off their inner – and outer – badass... (read more)