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Senior Care Exposed: Sunrise Home Care Services

Senior Care Exposed: Sunrise Home Care Services

Inspection reports offer a glimpse into the care a prospective resident can expect to receive in a given community. Here are some of the incidents we discovered from one of the yearly inspections at Sunrise Home Care Services in Florida: Several residents are owed money from an incident in their previous facility. The facility administrator says he has had their checks “maybe a couple of months;” the residents have not received their money. The administrator also processes residents’ social security checks... (read more)

Dementia Day Care...At Night

Dementia Day Care...At Night

Alzheimer's sufferers don't live by the clock the way their caregivers do. Many times they are active for hours at a time when the rest of the family wants (and needs) to be asleep. Caregivers have to be up with them, leading to exhaustion, added stress, and reduced personal capacity due to lack of sleep. In the long run this has ill effects on health. Too many high functioning patients move into nursing homes or assisted living facilities because of the inability for caregivers to function without a decent amount of sleep... (read more)