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Three Things You Didn't Know Were Making You Fat

Three Things You Didn't Know Were Making You Fat

Does it ever seem like the scale must be wrong? Like no matter how hard you diet and exercise, your weight just keeps creeping up? Here’s a few things you might be falling victim to, without even realizing there’s a problem... (read more)

(Cos)Playing in Retirement

(Cos)Playing in Retirement

Cosplay, or costume play, has been around for a long time, and not just on Halloween. Dressing up as a beloved character and acting out a role is more than wish fulfillment, it's fun! For the longest time main stream society has relegated role playing to child's play and a few special occasions, but with the recent trendiness of "geek culture" cosplay has become more common. So much so that even senior citizens are getting in the act... (read more)