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Going Nude for Shoes

Going Nude for Shoes

Check out the smoking centerfolds in this nearly nude calendar!

Residents at the Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living community in Ohio recently posed for a rather risqué photo shoot to help raise money for children in need of shoes. The resulting calendar is playful and entertaining, and the 85 to 98 year old models had a blast doing it. From sipping champagne in a bubbly bath to a nude Thanksgiving feast, these 85 to 97 year old residents really show... (read more)

How Genetic Testing Will Destroy the Insurance Industry

How Genetic Testing Will Destroy the Insurance Industry

Ever been denied insurance coverage (or had your rates hiked up) for a preexisting condition? Or because certain illnesses run in your family? Well now you can be rejected for a condition that wasn't even on your radar.

Over 700,000 Americans have already had genetic testing done to determine if they are at risk for certain diseases, like Alzheimer's or some cancers. Naturally, once given the news that they are genetically predisposed to get a disease... (read more)