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Senior Care Exposed: Bal Waterbury

Senior Care Exposed: Bal Waterbury

Inspection reports offer a glimpse into the care a prospective resident can expect to receive in a given community. Sometimes, violations are easily fixed and don't necessarily indicate a dearth of caregiving. Other times, a particularly disturbing picture is painted by the reports, reinforcing the need for thorough research before moving into a facility. Here are some of the incidents we discovered from one of the yearly inspections at Bal Waterbury in Connecticut... (read more)

Your Chair is Killing You

Your Chair is Killing You

Sitting is deadly.

This is not an exaggeration or a euphemism. Sitting causes actual physical harm to the human body, and Americans sit so much that it is killing us. And don't suppose that the exercise routine you make yourself do every day is keeping you safe from the harm -- it isn't... (read more)