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What Seniors Think of Minaj's Anaconda

What Seniors Think of Minaj's Anaconda

Remember a time when Tonight Show host Jack Paar was censored, and subsequently walked off the show, for telling a joke about a bathroom? It wasn't all that long ago -- just 55 years. If the censors of the 1960s were brought here today, what on Earth would they say about the content airing on television now? Take, for example, the music video for Anaconda, Nicki Minaj's latest hit. It is overtly sexual and explicit, though to be honest I didn't catch any toilet references... (read more)

Shameful Medical Practice Keeps Patients from Needed Care Options

Shameful Medical Practice Keeps Patients from Needed Care Options

Doctors are not legally required to tell patients what their diagnosis is. A recent study reported that 55% of people who have a medical diagnosis for Alzheimer's don't even know it. Since this relied largely on patient reported data, and dementia patients might not be the most reliable source, caregivers were surveyed as well. The number improved somewhat, but 47% were still unaware of the diagnosis. This is unconscionable, but entirely allowable under the current law. If you really want to know what your doctor thinks... (read more)