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The Cost of Hospital Budget Cuts

The Cost of Hospital Budget Cuts

Hospitals are a lot more dangerous than people think, especially for the elderly. Three times as many people die from errors in hospitals than from car accidents every year. Experts in the medical field tend to agree that if someone does not absolutely have to have access to hospital grade care, they are safer recovering at home. It's not just the exposure to infections and disease, but also... (read more)

Healthcare Super Spending

Healthcare Super Spending

A hospital superutilizer sounds like some sort of heroic patient whose experience in hospitals has earned them untold knowledge and power over their illnesses. In fact, the word is much more grim and problematic. A superutilizer is a member of the 1% of the US population that consumes nearly a quarter of the country's health care budget. This is not the "one-percent" we all pine to be a part of. This is a group of sick people who spend an average of $97,000 per person, per year on health care. Beyond the "super" one-percent, around half of our entire health care budget is spent on just 5% of the population. This is largely a senior population; almost half of adults occupying hospital beds are over 65. Medicare spends more than $100... (read more)