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Over Medicating Seniors Makes Caregiving Easier

Over Medicating Seniors Makes Caregiving Easier

Antipsychotic drugs are a dangerous treatment for dementia patients -- they increase risks for heart failure, infections, and death. And they do absolutely nothing to improve dementia. Yet in 2011 nearly 88% of Medicare claims for antipsychotic drugs given in nursing homes were to treat dementia patients. Why? The reason is disturbing and appalling. Doctors in... (read more)

Medicaid: Taking Your Inheritance Since 1965

Medicaid: Taking Your Inheritance Since 1965

It's hard to imagine a person who is poor enough to qualify for Medicaid passing their medical debt down onto their children, but it happens. One woman whose mother had recently passed was handling the sale of her mother's home. Her mother had been ill for the last few years of her life and rather than go to an expensive nursing home, she had aides come by to help her out. There were doctors' bills and prescriptions, all covered by Medicaid once she qualified. After the mother's death, the woman received a bill for over $85,000... (read more)